Adults dating minors laws in virginia

Even if someone threatens to harm you if you ever tell about the abuse, you should report it for your own protection and welfare and that of others.

After a report is made, a Child Protective Services (CPS) social worker will interview the child and his or her brothers and sisters, the parents or caretakers, and the alleged abuser.

Once the court does this, the court will have authority over you and can decide where you will live and what you will do. A minor's guardian may control delivery of mail addressed to the minor.

The CPS social worker may also contact other persons having information about suspected abuse or neglect of the child or children.

The CPS social worker will conduct a child safety assessment, determine if child abuse or neglect occurred or if there is risk or harm, and develop a safety and services plan with the family when indicated.

If there is no guardian and the minor is unmarried, either parent may receive delivery of the minor's mail.

() If you are younger than 18, Virginia law prohibits your getting a tattoo, except in the presence of your parent or guardian, or when done under medical supervision. A city or county may establish a legal curfew when minors are not allowed to be out on the street without lawful business. However, your parents can serve you alcohol in your home under certain circumstances (see Virginia Rules section, Alcohol and Tobacco).

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