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In his situation, as a 30-year-old active in the professional world, it’s hard to find a place during game nights when he is asked to play Signs or Mafia.

“The older you get, the more infantilized everything feels,” Vandagriff explained.

Some have found ways to remedy the challenge of finding their better half by using new approaches.

Zack Oates, a 29-year-old BYU graduate who has published over 150,000 words on dating in his blog, firmly believes in his “three points rule” when it comes to pursuing another in the dating sphere.

(@Dating FLL/Twitter) Dating in the LDS young adult world can be like a real “Holy Grail” quest.

“It reinforces the feeling that you’re not a full adult unless you’re married.” Finding a place between the YSA ward and the family ward can generate frustration and confusion in older single member’s lives.

Stephanie Tenney, a 32-year-old church member, said other people’s remarks can be hurtful as well.

“Every date you go on, except with the last person you’ll ever date, will end in failure,” Oates said.

“It took me over a 1,000 dates to find my fiancee, and she and I happened because we were both ready for love, not because we were both looking for love.” Church said people need to be open to getting hurt because it’s part of the process.

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