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That is, if my husband and I ever leave the bedroom again!

Nationality: British It can be hard for actors in the U. to transition to Hollywood, but those who do it often have to adopt an American accent. Lincoln acted across the pond for years, appearing in films such as Nationality: Australian Not only did Australian actress Portia de Rossi change her accent, she also changed her name as a teenager (from Amanda Lee Rogers) and her career (having studied law in university).You think I'm kidding, but it's true: One week ago today, along with other repair surgeries, I had a vaginal reconstruction.I'm 37, but in more ways than one I feel like a new woman; a virtual born-again virgin.She identifies as primarily Australian, and her accent reflects this, though she spends much of her time in the U. If that wasn’t enough, Fisher has long hid her native accent for film and TV roles. to begin her career around the age of 20, and her first notable role was villain Xenia Onatopp opposite Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond in Nationality: British Actor Charlie Hunnam only had a few gigs under his belt before he moved to Hollywood.Those she’s best known for include Nationality: Dutch Actress Famke Janssen has a unique accent. There, he played up his heritage in numerous roles, but didn’t gain much attention until he starred as a biker on Nationality: German Another foreign-born performer, Diane Kruger (born Diane Heidkrüger) began her career as a model in Germany.

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  1. Some of her clients are Chinese students and tourists who expect to settle down in the U. Two other returning clients paid her 0 and 0. This month she’s been even busier, leading up to Valentine’s Day. “I would let my daughter marry a fifty-year-old as long as he’s rich,” says Qin Shi, the Shanghainese mom with short hair and a big leather handbag in her hand. My daughter can get rid of all her high heels for a rich man.” Lee looks through an album of photos from successful matches.