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In terms of using the contract, you are free to use and edit it to best fit your needs.

It is intended to be used as a template and shouldn't be viewed as a legally binding document the way it sits on the website.

Below is a list of items that we recommend including into your nanny contract.

Alternatively, you can download our free Sample Nanny Contract, which can be personalized to fit your needs.

Many families do what's called "shared vacation" for days they won't need childcare that go against their normal childcare schedule.

The day is simply deducted from the nanny's paid vacation for the year.

And is it desirable to set 1 week vacation for mid June and the other at Nanny's request, basically split vacation requests for 2 week vacation allowance.

Hello, this is our first time hiring a live-in nanny and I just want to make sure we are giving her a fair wage.

Obviously this arrangement must be agreed upon, but it's an idea for those in your situation. I'm really glad to hear you find this article and the contract useful.

Unfortunately we don't have anything specific to the laws in South Australia, but we would love to be able to serve families in Oz in the future.

My family would like to pay me cash weekly si they don't have to claim it as an expense. 1) i don't mind this form of payment as it's more $ in my pocket. No matter what your needs are put them in writing , and get copies of all docs and sign it .. This could be bad for your character reference, to quit on short notice, unless your employer has already given you a date when they will no longer need your services.

If it 100% cannot be avoided, then you need to be up front with your employer, as soon as possible when you must quit/ last day available ASAP.

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