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The canes of this paperweight start at the very edge of the paperweight, are set in a total of four rows, with larger canes forming six four-flower bouquets positioned in front of the inner row.The colors of the bouquet canes are: blue, green, and yellow.Some of the weights also have fluted edges, making them quite decorative.He would also combine pastel colored canes with ribbons twisted throughout the weight design, achieving a stunning effect.

His small canes were very detailed, showing every star and flower inside the cane.

Some paperweight descriptions: A paperweight with six facets has millefiori canes tightly packed in pastel shades of green, yellow, pink, and blue with small twist canes places at regular intervals in several rows of canes.

Another paperweight has a center design of red, yellow, and blue canes creating a bouquet on top of a white latticinio base.

Perthshire began in 1968 by Stuart Drysdale in Crieff, Scotland.

The company's first workers came from Vasart Glass and Strathearn Glass in Scotland and included John Deacons, who would later open his own company, and Peter Mc Dougall, who made beautiful millefiori weights with the smallest of canes in his designs.

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