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When it comes to treating addiction, bonding with others who struggle with the same illness is an important component of creating a support system.

But it can also make it tricky, even if you know that many don’t recommend it, to When you are new to 12-step, it is generally frowned upon to make any big changes within your first year—moving, changing jobs, chopping your hair off, ending a relationship (barring obvious exceptions) and especially beginning one.

Nagy advises that a summary knowledge of the 12 Steps can be helpful, in particular the business about “making amends” to people one has harmed.

Forgiveness is a touchy and ongoing bit of business.

I was so unwell at the time that I actually told myself that my vagina was helping him get through early sobriety (not joking, wish I was).

I took him under my wing and brought him to all of my meetings, introduced him to all of my sober friends and then violently kicked myself for doing so. See, when it comes to staying sober, having the person who drained you emotionally and financially (which is what alcoholics can do) and broke your heart sitting in the same room with you day after day—the room you used to retreat to for safety and support in times like these—isn’t just annoying or a mere inconvenience; it’s downright gut wrenching.

In the title of her book, Girlfriend of Bill, author Karen Nagy riffs on the time-honored public code for mutual AA recognition: “Are you a friend of [AA co-founder] Bill?

” Nagy says she was unable to find any material written “specifically for someone who is new to such a relationship or who is thinking about dating someone in recovery.” So she wrote one, and the publishing arm of Hazelden brought it out.

When you date someone from your meetings and it doesn’t work out, you don’t just lost your partner—you lose your meetings.sleep disorders can be a huge problem….” Nagy also tips boyfriends and girlfriends to the widening and primarily generational dispute over the use of medications for craving or associated mental health disorders.“Believing ‘a drug is a drug is a drug,’ many old-timers in recovery resist taking medications, whereas younger People in Recovery are more open to taking them if they need them.” Addicts new to recovery may be coming off a period of social isolation, and a sense of being cut off from others.But, since I have never been the kind of girl to keep her panties on in a crisis, I needed to test out this unwritten rule.I was a year-and-a-half into recovery when the relationship I’d been in pre-sobriety ended and I found myself single in sobriety (which should be the name of a reality show).

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