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It started off mellow enough no one really noticed I was naked until I got caught at a red light.

She was nervous but loving it all at the same time. for repairs, I drive naked as much as possible, so I put my clothes behind the seat of my truck hopped in and took off out of the garage. Letting everyone see :) I drive naked at night quite often. Anytime I am heading home I take off my clothes in the car.I've always enjoyed the thought of being outside naked.It first came to mind when I was 16, and no one was home but me.When I drive, mostly at night or early morning, I have the windows down so I can feel the air washing over my body. I have been driving naked for a little over a year now I love to do whenever I can. My first time was as I was driving home from my college classes.I just got the sudden earge to drive in the nude after seeing few pics of people doingit on th...

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Hi all, I am new here and I guess this is a good place to start sharing my stories on EP :) I have to go for 4-5 hour drives twice each month and have been doing so in a semi-naked state for a long while.

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