Nasty chats

Like the Snapchat communication app, they disappear after they're concluded.

Kruglov was a guest on a #Talking Tech podcast episode, and explained the new concept.

A Dad who stumbled upon a chat between a Pedophile and his 11-year-old daughter, has dished out an advice to parent out there on checking up on their kids online exchange.

Here’s what Wil Atteberry wrote as he shared screenshots of the chat;“Was going through my daughters phone and came across a message request from donald paninski on fb messenger.

Hardin also said “hookup culture,” a fixture of many college campuses, can be reconciled with contemporary feminism.“It’s important to draw a clear line between a ‘hookup culture’ and ‘rape culture,’” she said.

[Hook] Good girls stay home And keep they fingers on they phone Cause they all friends with some bad girls And they never go to bed on they own Cause it ain't no strings with that ass Ain't no wedding ring for that ass But if we talking tight clothes or wild role I might put some wings on that ass (shit) Angel shit, I came fast Sacrifice all religion and praise her Sacrifice all religion and praise her Sacrifice all religion and praise her *beat switch* Part 2 Snapchat Hoes [Verse 1] She had her ass so hazardous Gigantic titts, Goddamn she thick I had to grab them sheets But she a snake-ass bitch got fangs and shit Always holding out her hands and shit But she only after the cash and shit She won't get a penny if my mans don't hit You ain't got no reason to be scandalous Out here demanding shit, thinking you got it Cause what's busting out them pants is thick Bitch look in the ocean, is a gang of fish Look in my eyes and see the standards Miss Miss me with the C, things between me and Sam Was just, not strong the bond was weakening The distance was too long to reconnect Her patience and arms too short to reach for me I'm going through something, watch your tone When you speak to me That bullshit has got to hit the streets for me That bullshit is both shit and pee to me That bullshit is just sounding like Greek to me I like my bitches quiet as a mute man I like my bitches grounded like some shoes man I like my bitches wetter than a loo man I like my bitches naked as the truth man Right now, ain't no time to waste around here It ain't no time to rest around here Cause the fame come and go And the bitches come and go And the money come and go, just like some guests around here But I'm G.

The difference is that the chats are on video — so people use the camera on their i Phone to join in.

There's no limit on how many people can join, and the conversations are ephemeral.

Since then, every single his featured on has given music lovers eargasms for days on end.

Real name David Junior Ngcobo was tapped for yet another smash hit featuring Stilo Magolide titled that dropped last week Friday.

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Several people brought up how young feminists — largely discontent with an administration some deem exceptionally hostile to women and minorities — can be more effective activists.“It’s important to start with the small, local stuff,” Harding advised.

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