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These patterns then help you (in this case, me) summarize what’s happening across this huge set of variables in a more comprehensible, less tedium-filled way.For this case, our big dataset is the list of how a “typical member” of each MSA responded to each question.Or if you know what’s good for you, you’ll scroll down and read through the entire report that’s filled with data analysis and heat maps, because some of the data confirms stereotypes, while some has us questioning them even more.

Looking over the answers, you develop a sense of the types of people who would exhibit leanings at either end of the spectrum, but coming up with a word for this scale is a bit more challenging.Instead of making thousands of maps to show how frequently different MSAs gave every answer to each of the 626 questions, I used a statistical method called to find patterns in how questions were answered.Factor analysis takes a dataset with a huge number of variables and automatically looks for patterns.Social scientists have a long-standing interest in how and why personality differs across geographic regions.I’m not an expert in this field, but I’m pretty sure it can all be traced back to the Beach Boys’ groundbreaking research on variations in romantic attitudes across the US.

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This resulted in 626 questions covering a wide range of topics ( (MSAs) gave a particular answer to each question.

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  2. Personally, I’ve found most single mothers to be great people that are very appreciative of male attention. My rules were not nearly as complex – of course, I have a wonderful significant other and am so out of the single’s market that I’ve forgotten what the market is like – but yes, I do have rules, some of which were at one point probably a little similar to this person’s own.