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That’s just over 2.5 cents per k Wh of excess generation.What this amounts to is that solar energy producers will not be credited for excess generation during the day in the way they’ve historically been used to, making pay-back periods much longer and threatening economic viability of many projects altogether.Geothermal heat pumps continue to be eligible for a 10% ITC through the end of 2016, and geothermal electric systems are eligible for a 10% ITC through 2022 and future years.

One possible impact is to accelerate the end of net metering such as we’re seeing in Nevada right now, care of NV Energy and the Nevada Public Utilities Commission.Instead of drawing the new pet, have your child create one using recycled materials such as egg cartons, yogurt cups, straws, paper towel tubes, etc.With so many animals in need of homes, the publisher’s note in What Pet Should I Get?The idea is that as solar costs continue to drop and project economics remain buoyed by the ITC, the case is stronger for utilities to claim losses and expenses as a result of increasing solar adoption.The form that’s taken so far is an overhaul to net metering policies.

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