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In this lesson you'll learn what every item in the System folder of HMI Applications is used for, including Project Settings, Security, Diagnostic Setup, Global Connections, and Startup.This includes how to choose the right Panel View Plus resolution, as well as considerations to review before resizing a project, as well as setting up auto-logout and why you want to leave the Diagnostic popup enabled.You'll also learn how to create, duplicate, and document tags of all three types: Digital, Analog. In this lesson you'll learn how to use the Panel, Text, and Image Objects on Graphic Displays.

In this introduction to the software used to program the Panel View Plus, Factory Talk View Studio Machine Edition, you'll learn the difference between Machine, Site and Enterprise Editions, as well as how to identify and open projects of different versions, including what project conversion means.

You also learn where you can setup the synchronizing of your Panel View Plus' time with your PLC, as well as where PLC screen control is setup.

In this lesson we begin the design of our very own Panel View Plus View ME application, but you'll also learn how to import legacy projects from the Panel View Standard, Panel View Enhanced, and old Machine Edition project files.

You'll also learn about this new models limitations, as well as the location of the SD memory card slot, communication ports, and how to quickly determine if a unit is a Panel View Plus 6 or plain Panel View Plus.

Finally, you'll find out which firmware and runtime versions are supported.

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You'll also learn the purpose of the communication and application tabs of the Explorer window, as well as how to utilize the diagnostic bar for troubleshooting.

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