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Like me, Sean was a 37-year-old New York based newscaster, treated for testicular cancer at the same time and at the same hospital.We were both single and were even both represented by the same talent agency.Well he can’t, and so now, reluctantly, I will, by trying to help promote the foundation that his family has set up to educate young men about testicular cancer. Not only did I survive, but now, it seems, I am cancer free and feeling as good as ever.Had Sean detected the disease earlier, he and I might have discussed our experiences in private.

Dan has worked for many television stations now ending up as a co-anchor of Nightline and the Chief Legal Affairs Anchor for ABC News and also as chief legal analyst for NBC News, an anchor and general manager of MSNBC.He is a legally certified commentator know as one of the best-selling author.Dan Abrams holds an American nationality, born on May 20, 1966.Ever since first reading about Sean’s story, I have felt a strange bond with this man I never met.I remember reading an article that said Sean told his father that if he survived he wanted to “give something back” by educating young men about the disease.

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He is the owner of seven websites which deal with various subject matters and also owns Abrams Research which is a digital media strategy.

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