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If it takes getting up before sunrise in the morning to study, or burning the midnight oil at night, do what you have to do. "When I first came on the scene, some of the older musicians, who could play better than me, resented the attention I got," he said.But it's also important to balance work with some type of social activity, or you won't have any life to express." "What do you most like to play? "I was also very opinionated, so I received a lot of criticism. I just didn't realize it would last for 25 years." Marsalis used the life of Frederick Douglass and the Camelot stories of King Arthur as examples, but he also talked about the dedication of blues guitarist Eric Clapton.

Now we didn't know any of that history when I was growing up, but when we saw those ingredients for gumbo coming through the front door, we knew it was going to be time for a celebration -- and it was."The most important ingredient in any gumbo are the gumbo crabs," she said. As long as it's made with Louisiana's finest, and strained, simmered and stirred constantly with love, the result will always be quite poignant and soulful -- like the Crescent City herself. The fundamentals don't change, but the variations are endless. That's going to be followed by Tooker's lyrical favorite, okra.After that, it's really just a matter of taste and opinion. For the recipe for Poppy Tooker's Seafood Gumbo, click to page 2.

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